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Acadia Centre for Baptist and Anabaptist Studies

Alabama Baptist Historical Commission

American Baptist Historical Society

Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies

Baptist Distinctives 

Baptist Heritage

Baptist Heritage Library

Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies (Virginia)

Center for Baptist Studies (Mercer University)

Convenção Batista Brasileira: História

Florida Baptist Historical Society

Geschichte, BEFG (Germany)

Heritage Historique, Union d’Églises Baptistes Francophones du Canada

History of Baptist Church of Mizoram

History of Council of Baptist Churches in North-East India

History of National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

History of Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.

International Conference on Baptist Studies

Irish Baptist Historical Society

Jamaica Baptist Union

Lott Carey History

Monksthorpe Baptist Church

New Zealand Baptist Research and Historical Society

North American Baptist Conference Heritage Commission

Reformed Reader

Strict Baptist Historical Society

Seventh Day Baptist Historical Resources

Spurgeon Center

Telugu Baptist History

Tennessee Baptist Historical Society

Virginia Baptist Historical Society

William Carey’s Enquiry

Wisconsin Freewill Baptist Historical Society