Seventh Day Baptist History Updated

A history of the Seventh Day Baptists, A Choosing People, originally published in 1992, has been updated and revised for its twentieth anniversary7th day. This 420-page, hardback volume was published by Mercer University Press in 2012. Its author, Don A. Sandford, was historian-emeritus of the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society until his death in 2009.

The book covers the establishment of the Seventh Day Baptist movement in mid-17th century England and then focuses on its development in the United States, with detailed information about its geographical and organisational expansion. In a succinct way, helpful background information is sketched which effectively sets the events in their historical and social context.

The treatment is comprehensive, mentioning many names, places and churches, as well as covering a wide range of topics including education, publishing, mission work, national, regional and local associations, the ministries of women and youth, and ecumenical and inter-church activities. Of particular interest are discussions of theological issues, social questions and of course, the question of the Sabbath.

However, there are only a few pages on the denomination outside the United States and in particular, nothing on developments in its place of origin.

The book is supported by a strong bibliography and it is indexed, but there are no illustrations. It is part of The James N. Griffith Series in Baptist Studies at Mercer University Press, edited by Walter B. Shurden.