Former Commission Leader Publishes Book

Ken R Manley, ‘An Honoured Name’: Samuel Pearce Carey (1862-1953)p carey

Published as volume 13 by The Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Studies Regent’s Park College, Oxford, 2016.

Samuel Pearce Carey (1862–1953) was the great-grandson of the pioneer Baptist missionary William Carey (1761–1834) and was also descended from Samuel Pearce (1766-1799), one of William Carey’s greatest friends and supporter. Samuel Pearce Carey thus had a remarkable heritage for a Baptist minister and his detailed and lively biographies of his ancestors William Carey and Samuel Pearce remain authoritative and informative. Although he is best remembered for these biographies he was far more than a writer of family memoirs: a caring pastor and dynamic preacher in England, Australia and India; vigorous missions advocate; fiery public controversialist; original theological writer and devoted family man.

This first comprehensive biography of Pearce Carey utilizes much unpublished material and reveals a man of significant influence not only among Baptists but in the history of missions. Samuel Pearce Carey added considerable lustre to the honoured name he bore.

‘Ken Manley vividly illuminates the life and times of Samuel Pearce Carey.  He has taken pains to track down sources for all Pearce Carey’s ministries – the local press as well as the records of the individual churches.  This book also includes a careful appraisal of the value and impact of the biographies, noting the sources that were used but also the sources that were overlooked.  Ken has the great advantage of being an expert on the era of British Baptist life when William Carey and Samuel Pearce flourished and at the same time he is the author of a thorough two-volume history of the Baptists in Australia.  Just as that is the best account of the Baptists in any nation, so this is one of the best biographies of a Baptist minister in the period.’

(From Foreword by Professor David Bebbington, University of Stirling)

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or directly from Regent’s Park College , Oxford, £25.