Commission Member Creates Book, Tours on Jamaican Baptist History

The Rev. Dr. Doreen Morrison, a current member of the Baptist Heritage and Identity Commission, has produced groundbreaking resources related to Jamaican Baptist history.

Dr. Morrison’s book, Slavery’s Heroes: George Liele and the Ethiopian Baptists of Jamaica 1783 -1865, examines Baptist origins in Jamaica. It explores the influence of George Liele and other African Americans on Jamaica, including the advent of emancipation.

According to Dr. Neville Callam, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance, “Slavery’s Heroes constitutes required reading for all who search for a rich historical resource for understanding the legacy of Baptist witness in Jamaica between 1783 and 1865.”

In addition to this book, Dr. Morrison has founded a tour company to allow more people to visit sites related to Jamaican history, with an emphasis on Baptist beginnings. Liberty Trails provides guided tours focused on historical Ethiopian Baptist churches, pioneering BMS missionaries, Jamaica’s Baptist war, and other related topics. It is the first tour company to emphasize Jamaican Baptist origins.

Dr. Morrison is a graduate of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Illinois, USA, and the University of Birmingham, England. She currently resides in the United Kingdom.