500 Years. Free to follow Jesus Christ as Lord.

Join the Baptist Heritage and Identity Commission as we commemorate this momentous date, 21 January 1525, the re-discovery of Believer’s Baptism.

View these videos for more information about Anabaptist history:

For more information about this commemoration and about Anabaptists, visit the following websites: 

Daring! The Anabaptist Movement, 1525—2025

Also: Downloads and Links

Acadia Centre for Baptist and Anabaptist Studies

Director: Melody Maxwell

Baptist Union of Lithuania

Baptist and Anabaptist Research Centre

Director: Albertas Latužis

Bristol Baptist College

Baptist and Anabaptist Research

Director: Stuart Murray-Williams

International Baptist Theological Seminary (links to European Baptist Federation)

Baptist and Anabaptist Research (one that draws on the richness of Baptist and Anabaptist traditions and theology.)

Director: Mike Pears

Bibliography of Sixteenth-Century Anabaptist Materials Available in English Translation

Steven Shirk

Mennonite Historical Library: Texts and Bibliographies

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