Daring! 500 years Baptist movement 1525 – 2025

The “Daring! 500 Years of Anabaptist Movement 1525 – 2025” commemorates the Reformation movement; allowing us to reflect on the past and to think about what Christianity means for Anabaptists in the 21st century.

This will be a 5-year journey that will look into the past to see how it can shape the future. You can find annual brochures, intended to open up discussions based on the given theme for the year. Educational materials are available for classroom use.

The theme years: 

2020: daring! live mature
Baptism – Voluntary – Religious Freedom

2021: daring! living together
Equality – responsibility – autonomy

2022: daring! live consistently
oriented to Jesus – nonconforming – confess – martyrdom

2023: daring! living without violence
Peace Church – Resistance – Reconciliation

2024: daring! Live hope
Kingdom of God – Utopia – Renewal

In 2025, various events will be held in celebration of 500 years since the first baptism of the Anabaptist faith in Zurich in 1525.

For more information visit The 500 years Baptist Movement.

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